Many designers live by the principle of layering different styles, but for the novice decorator, adding antiques into the mix can be a bit confusing. Collections don’t need to be all antique. Mixing old and new allows your unique personality to shine through. Think you can’t mix antiques with modern furnishings? Think again. Here are 5 misconceptions about decorating with antiques. Click To Tweet

Decorating With Antiques

True antique lovers wouldn’t want a house full of new furniture if you gave it to them. In fact, most would sell it all for cash to buy more antiques. However, decorating with antiques can be a challenge for new collectors. Here are 5 misconceptions about the antiques:

  1. They’re Less Expensive
  2. They’re Fragile
  3. You’ll Find a Perfect Piece
  4. Paint it White
  5. New and Old Won’t Mix

1) They’re Less Expensive

Antique furniture might technically be old, but old furniture isn’t necessarily antique. If you’re looking for inexpensive furniture, you’ll find it at Ikea. If you’re looking for period-specific antique furniture with a rich history, that will generally cost you more.

2) They’re Fragile

While some antique furniture certainly is fragile, a lot of it is made with high-quality materials and solid wood and is made to last lifetimes. You’ll want to take special care of an antique Chesterfield sofa, but you’ll be able to sit in it and lounge without worrying that it will break.

3) You’ll Find a Perfect Piece

True antique fanatics love the imperfections, flaws, and history in each antique they buy. Finding the perfect piece of furniture is less about finding a literally perfect piece, and more about finding a beautiful piece that’s perfect for your space.

Pro Tip: When shopping for antiques, don’t get hung up on small flaws or blemishes. They’re part of the item’s history and value!

4) Paint it White

Many people buy antique furniture with the intention to paint it (usually white). While this can be very beautiful for some pieces of older furniture, antiques can lose their value and character when painted. You’re better off buying old, inexpensive furniture for painting.

5) New and Old Won’t Mix

Not true! In fact, too many antiques can make your home feel like a time capsule. Mixing new, modern accents and furniture with statement antiques is a wonderful way to incorporate them into your interior design without your home looking like a museum.

A Popular Choice

Decorating with antiques has become more popular than ever, with modern homes incorporating elements from many different decades and centuries in their designs. The result is visually interesting and personally satisfying for many.

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