Why Choose Leather

At Reclaimed Leather, we acquire our collection from the UK which still has its original vintage leather. New life is given to each piece as it goes through a light restoration process.

Discovered over 5000 years ago, leather remains a popular choice for upholstered furniture.

The benefits of investing in leather for your home or office are plentiful. From the time you first lay your eyes on the perfect piece, you will fall in love with your reclaimed vintage leather furniture.

Even many years down the road, you will be highly satisfied with your purchase.  We love the finished touch that leather brings any interior space and we know you will too!

Leather Furniture … An Obvious Choice

When comparing leather furniture to furniture upholstered in fabric, the choice becomes distinctly obvious. Here are just a few reasons why leather is better.

  • The addition of just one leather sofa or chair can dramatically transform the room in a split second – giving your home or office an elegant look and feel.
  • Leather furniture is known for its durability. You won’t have to worry as much about tears or stains.
  • Leather is tough, flexible and breathes. Leather furniture is a wise investment that will far outlast its fabric counterpart.
  • Looking for a hypoallergenic option? Leather does not hold dust and allergens like fabric furniture.
  • One of the biggest benefits of owning leather furniture is that it’s easy to maintain and does not hold food odors like other materials. Learn more about how to care for leather.
  • Your leather furniture will be resistant to cracking, peeling and sagging. In fact, it will become more supple and softer over time.

Find Your Reclaimed Piece

We’d love to help you select reclaimed leather furniture for your home or office! We specialize in reclaiming and lightly restoring leather Chesterfield sofas, club chairs and wingback chairs. Within our collection, we offer vintage bronze statues, hand-woven rugs, lighting, clocks, desks, coffee tables, and other vintage décor that has been meticulously picked by our shippers in Europe. Every item chosen for our collection must pass a two-part test 1) High-Quality Craftsmanship and 2) Uses Only Authentic Materials. Take a moment to browse our collections online, or stop by our shop in Old Town Spring for an up-close and personal look at our most recent finds!