A classic Chesterfield sofa gives any room an elegant feel. Whether you’re going for comfortable classiness or sophisticated professionalism, this timeless leather couch will match almost any of your interior design ideas. Many industries are opting for this sophisticated piece of furniture to make a stylish impression on their customers and clientele.

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Perfect Settings for Your Chesterfield

A Chesterfield leather sofa can add a touch of regality to any room but is especially suited to an antique or professional style. Four of the most popular styles for Chesterfields include:

  1. Movie Sets
  2. Law Offices
  3. Restaurants
  4. Cigar Rooms

1) Movie Sets

With the proper context, a Chesterfield in a movie scene can set a distinct tone. An elegant brown leather sofa and coffee table in a workshop could show your character to be a hard-working craftsman who takes pride in his work. On the other hand, that same sofa could be paired with over-the-top gaudy decorations to fill an affluent person’s living room. It all depends on your intent and decorative choices.

2) Law Offices

A lawyer’s office should exude professionalism and inspire confidence in his clients. What better way to do that than with a cushy leather couch? The elegant leather of a Chesterfield, paired with accent chairs and lighting, provides clients with a comfortable seat and just the right atmosphere. Even a green Chesterfield could look professional with complementing decorations.

3) Restaurants

Restaurants use leather sofas in a couple of different ways. For instance, steakhouses often showcase leather furniture in their waiting area or even on some of their dining chairs to create an atmosphere worthy of any western. Alternatively, darker or muted leather colors such as green or oxblood suit an elegant restaurant perfectly. Guests will see that providing an aesthetic experience is important to your restaurant, and will look forward to a classy meal.

Pro Tip: Leather is durable, but not indestructible. Make sure to take good care of your Chesterfield to extend its life!

4) Cigar Rooms

Even as cigarettes fall out of general favor, cigars have retained their vintage, classic reputation. Your cigar room should take advantage of that reputation. A Chesterfield made of classy English leather brings sophistication to any room. Pair it with antique art, a matching piece of furniture, or a fancy smoker’s box for a truly elegant cigar room.

The Chesterfield’s Universal Appeal

Stylish and boldly-colored leather can fit perfectly in nearly any room. With an eye for interior design and a few good ideas, your Chesterfield will blend right in and add a touch of sophistication wherever you put it.

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