What is Reclaimed Leather?

Reclaimed Leather specializes in locating, procuring, and lightly restoring vintage leather Chesterfield sofas, club chairs, and wingback chairs. Within our collection, we offer vintage bronze statues, hand-woven rugs, lighting, clocks, desks, coffee tables and other vintage décor that has been meticulously picked by our shippers in Europe.

We carefully select the finest quality pieces of history for our collectionAs each piece goes through our extensive inspection and light restoration process, we take special care to preserve its historical value and high-quality craftsmanship. The result is timeless treasure for you to enjoy for years to come. 

What is Reclaimed Leather
Why Leather

Why Leather?

At Reclaimed Leather, we acquire our collection from the UK which still has its original vintage leather. New life is given to each piece as it goes through a light restoration process. The benefits of investing in vintage leather for your home or office are plentiful. From the time you first lay your eyes on the perfect piece, you will fall in love with your reclaimed vintage leather furniture.

Even many years down the road, you will be highly satisfied with your purchase.  We love the finished touch that leather brings to any interior space and we know you will too!

Vintage Leather Care

Purchasing high-quality leather furniture might be an investment, but it can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. 

Although leather requires minimal care, it’s important to develop good habits to avoid damage. While it’s possible to clean leather, certain substances are more difficult to remove than others. It’s easier to prevent damage than it is to reverse it!

Use the following leather care instructions to preserve your vintage leather pieces.   

Vintage Leather Care
History of the Chesterfield

History of the Chesterfield

The Chesterfield design was a common sight in Victorian libraries and parlors of nobility as far back as a century ago. With a timeless design and unexpected visual interest, Chesterfields have earned a place in history.

A Chesterfield’s unique shape and luxurious finish will add a refined feel to any home or office.  The pieces in our Chesterfield collection retain their distinguished charm – an iconic statement piece for any room!

From  Our Collection … to Yours!

We are excited to share our hand-picked, one-of-a-kind pieces of history and are here to guide you in your journey to finding the perfect piece.
We can also help you plan and design a wonderful space, where your new collection will fit perfectly in your home or office. 
Come by our shop in Old Town Spring or take a moment to browse our online collections.

Be inspired. Fall in Love. Experience Reclaimed Leather.