A movie’s set design can make or break the entire production. There are so many iconic films with fitting sets that tie the mood and theme of the movie altogether. The Shining’s elaborate hotel interior helped to take the movie from comforting to uneasy as events take place throughout the grandiose location. The Grand Budapest Hotel’s beauty and symmetry made it an award-winning film. How can you add sophistication to your movie set to make it stand out and bring your vision to life?

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Designing movie sets is time-consuming and can be difficult without the right pieces to complete it. You will need to portray the movie’s mood and purchase the right accessories to turn the set into a scene. Here are some steps you can take toward fleshing out your vision and adding sophistication to your movie set.

Convey the Mood of the Film

You want to set the tone for the scene by having a set that corresponds with the film’s mood. A brightly lit, unsaturated room with little to no furniture would convey that the character feels lost and isolated in this scene. Whereas an inviting living room with a fireplace and colorful vintage furniture would suggest that the people in the room are comfortable and happy. Colors and light play a big role in setting the mood, which can be portrayed through the props and furniture before being edited in post.

Pro Tip: The more you can establish the design scheme in the physical set before filming, the easier it will be to color correct and enhance the scene in the editing process.

Invest in the Proper Furniture and Decorations

If the stage design is meant to take place in an older time period, you will need to do some research on what pieces were design staples during that time. A stunning Chesterfield sofa can add so much character to a room and the sophistication you will need for your larger-than-life characters. Your production designer should be able to research and scout the proper furniture needed for the set.

Stick to the Script

Your film may call for specific props that add to the story. Maybe the main character finds an ancient book that unveils an important plot point. Antique shops are great for finding just the right vintage items you might need for a specific scene. A ticking grandfather clock, unique brass statues–there are a variety of options for props you can find that will help bring life to the film set. Send your art directors out to find interesting pieces to add to the set, and you may have even more inspiration to build around!

Lights, Camera, Action!

These steps to designing your movie set will add sophistication and life to your film. Stay inspired and you never know what one piece of furniture will do for your movie.

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