You don’t need to have all the latest trending furniture to achieve an extravagant look in your home. Your living room has the ability to look like it belongs in a mansion based on how you choose to design it. Imagine how awestruck your visitors will be when they walk into your living room to see such sophistication and status!

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A luxury style is totally achievable with the right pieces and finishing touches. Invest in a beautiful couch that will be the centerpiece to your stylish room, and build around it with fancy works of art to achieve that rich look.

Seek Heirloom-Like Pieces

Vintage stores are always stocked up with interesting pieces that strike up conversations. Find some antiques to display around your living room such as vintage bronze statues and old leather books. Having these little pieces of history in the room will give it that refined atmosphere you’re going for.

Invest in a Leather Couch

Real leather couches can be pricy but worth investing in as that one beautiful piece that will bring the room together. Chesterfield’s are brilliant, unique sofas with that Victorian era look. They are guaranteed to make any room look upscale, even without being overwhelmed by expensive items. You can do a full sofa, a love seat, or a couple of accent chairs. Dress them up with some tufted pillows to add your own style to your traditional Chesterfields.

Pro Tip: Purchasing a Chesterfield is truly an investment. Do your research beforehand and ask any questions you may have to your local furniture restoration expert.

Go Big With Some Large-Scale Art

Forget tapestries and posters when you’re going for that rich look. You’ll want to fill your wall space with large-scale paintings in elegant frames. Oil paintings are beautiful and one-of-a-kind pieces that will add sophistication to any room. Imagine walking into your living room and feeling like you’re in an art museum!

More Style for Less

Achieving a sophisticated look in your living room doesn’t mean you have to break your bank. Find the furniture you’ll need to invest a bit more into and then build off of them with interesting pieces that suit your style creatively placed around the room.

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