Space Planning & Design Services

Have you already selected your new treasures from our vintage shop? Or maybe you’re planning your visit to Reclaimed Leather now? Use our space planning and design services to achieve the desired feel for your home or office.

Imagine Christmas mornings on your Chesterfield draped with a soft throw. Picture late night cigars with old friends. You’ll impress with stories of your vintage pieces acquired from manors in Europe!

The right arrangement of our timeless pieces will add an enduring element to any space.

Space Planning and Design Services

From Vision to Concept to Reality

In our visionary process, we combine your unique taste with our expertise. We start with discovery – finding out what you’ll love and what doesn’t work well in the existing design. We aim to blend functionality with personality to match both your vision and your needs. We understand that every space needs to combine usability with comfort and beauty. That is why we work closely with you to ensure consistency in every element of the design of your unique space.

The end result is a beautiful and efficient home or office space. Decade after decade, you will feel rejuvenated when stepping into your personal retreat.

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If you’re searching for beautiful vintage furniture to refresh the feel of your home, we can help. We take great pride in lightly restoring our furniture to elegant, classy pieces that last a lifetime. We have decades of experience selecting only the finest pieces to turn into timeless treasures. Whether your family room or man cave, we will take your space to a whole new level!

Contact us to learn more about how our space planning and design services can best fit your needs.