Opting for antique furniture is a perfect way to incorporate one of a kind, timeless pieces into your home decor. Incorporating a unique statement piece such as a Chesterfield sofa in your living room can add to the appeal and charm of your home.  If you’re looking for unusual designs and interesting accessories, shop vintage. Here are five tips to help you find unique #AntiqueFurniture. Click To Tweet

How Can You Find the Perfect Antique Pieces?

It’s a lot easier to shop for vintage furniture than you would think. Choosing to shop for antiques is not only a promising way to have original pieces, but it also supports local business and reduces your carbon footprint. Here’s how you can find the best vintage furnishings:

  1. Local Shops
  2. Refurbished Furniture
  3. Functional Features
  4. Consider the Size
  5. Unusual Designs

1) Local Shops

Firstly, you should explore local vintage and antique shops near you. A simple Google search can show you what’s popular nearby. Spend a day browsing each store’s inventory to find which shop caters to your personal style.

2) Refurbished Furniture

Another thing to look for is refinished leather furniture. You want to find old pieces that have been made new by an experienced craftsman. If the leather is peeling off your chair or the fabric is stained, you probably won’t take the DIY route to fix the wear and tear.

3) Functional Features

Make sure that the furniture you buy is functioning. While a scratch is easily repaired, a dresser that doesn’t open is not so easy. Check the legs, hinges, and drawers.

Pro Tip: Ensure that all of the functions of your antique furniture are working properly before making a purchase.

4) Consider the Size

A lot of furniture looks different in a store than it would in your home. Measure the allocated space and take those dimensions with you when you shop. If you buy a couch that is too big, it’s not exactly useful for you.

5) Unusual Designs

One of the most enjoyable things about shopping for vintage collections is that you can find interesting furniture and oddities. Unusual antique designs styled in a modern home can really make your home feel like it came straight out of a designer magazine. Don’t hesitate to incorporate unusual finds within your design scheme.

Eclectic Class

Vintage furniture and accessories have their own personalities. When you use them in your home, they can add an unusual flair to your living room design. The sophistication that antiques have combined with their originality will make your home have an eclectic and classy vibe.

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