Don’t let the title fool you. There’s really no “guide” to designing an eclectic home because eclecticism is completely subjective. However, there are few general tenants that this style tends to follow for the best results. Eclecticism is essentially choosing objects, furniture, and colors from different schools of design to create a quirky, unique and entirely personal home. Eclectic design pairs function and beauty with a healthy dose of individualism. Click To Tweet

Designing an Eclectic Home

Eclectic style encompasses a variety of different periods and styles. It’s brought together through the use of consistent color, texture, scale, and finish. This type of style is popular amongst individuals that can’t stand things to be matchy-matchy, or who like to borrow from several different styles are eras.

Focal Point

When designing an eclectic space, remember that combining styles and periods can result in a lack of focus. Create 1 or 2 focal points with eye-catching, bold elements. For a library or office, a beautiful Chesterfield sofa will do the trick, or combine luxurious leather club chairs with a bright, hand-knotted rug.

Unique Details

Rather than get several radically different pieces of furniture and decor, stay somewhat consistent with larger pieces, then go for contrast with smaller details. This will keep the design from seeming random or disjointed. For example, a den with rich, dark tones and masculine textures can add visual interest with a bold piece of modern art.

Thoughtful Collaboration

When choosing elements for your interior design, keep in mind that it’s a collaboration, not a competition. 1 or 2 colors should serve as a unifying factor throughout your design. This will help the room feel put-together, rather than a hodgepodge of different, unrelated clutter. Look for items and furniture with balance in scale and symmetry. Similar lines can create design harmony, even if the pieces are different styles, or from different periods.

Personal Expression

The best part of an eclectic design is how personal it is. You choose items, not necessarily for their universal popularity, but their charm, history, and value to you. Your eclectic style won’t for everyone, and it shouldn’t be!
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