Leather couches can make any home or business feel cozy while incorporating a rustic charm. Now when you add a bright color to your sofa, you can have an interior design that is stylishly unique. If sophistication is what you desire, opt for a red chesterfield sofa.

It can be tricky to choose the best wall color to compliment a red leather couch. If you paint your walls the wrong color, the design scheme will clash. The wrong wall color can be damaging to the entire room’s Feng Shui. Do you need to paint your walls to complement your red leather couch? Here are some tips to find your perfect color! Click To Tweet

Choose a Theme

What theme do you want throughout your home? Do you want to keep the same theme or change it for each room? You definitely want to consider these questions before picking a paint. Your wall color will depend on your preferences. Do you like the Southwestern style that incorporates rich colors and hues that you would see in a desert sunset? If that’s the case, you’ll want to keep the wall colors neutral, so they provide a great backdrop for brighter paintings and decor. (Envision sandy beige.) If you prefer a contemporary, modern theme, think minimal, sleek, and simplistic. Greys, whites, and blacks will keep the design clean, while the red couch will add a touch of color.

Keep it Simple

Your red leather sofa will be the staple of your living room decor. Eyes will immediately turn to the welcoming couch. With that in mind, remember to keep the paint color simple. Loud, bright colors can wash out the sofa. Neutral paint colors are your best friend. You’ll want to make sure that there are no hidden undertones in the paint that you select. Consider grabbing some samples and painting a few patches on the walls. Leave it up for a while to determine if the color will work well with your design scheme. If you’re really determined to incorporate a brighter paint color, paint only one wall, but make sure it doesn’t clash by painting a sample section first.

Accessorize Appropriately

You want to ensure that your accessories enhance your overall theme. For instance, if you chose a contemporary style, consider adding art and accessories that are mainly greys, whites, and blacks, but incorporate a hint of red. If you opt for a Southwestern style, it’s fine to have loud, bright knick-knacks and paintings.

Pro Tip: In order to have a stylish living space, you’ll want to make sure your accessories complement your design scheme.

An Elegant Room

Red leather couches can turn any room into an elegant space. It’s mandatory to decorate with the appropriate design elements to make your couch a beautiful staple.

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