Have you ever fallen in love with an antique but passed on it because you didn’t know what to do with it? Maybe you already have a desk and aren’t sure where you would put another. Instead of thinking of each piece of furniture as fitting a specific function, imagine a new function. Antiques are beautiful, versatile and can be reimagined in surprising ways. Click To Tweet

Repurpose Vintage Furniture

Maybe you have an antique china cabinet that’s been passed down through generations, but you don’t have real china to display. Like the way you live changes, sometimes certain pieces become a bit obsolete or impractical. So what do you do with a beautiful piece of furniture that just doesn’t fit your interior design plan?

Secretary Desk | Home Bar

Repurpose a gorgeous secretary desk into your own unique home bar. The drawers and shelves are the perfect place to display bottles and glassware, while the fold-out writing surface provides the ideal spot to mix drinks.

Antique Table | Coffee Table

You may not have a need for a small kitchen table, but what if you turned it into a coffee table? Antique coffee tables are a rarity, as they weren’t introduced until the 1920’s. If you can find an antique table you can cut the legs down, sand and touch up the finish to transform it into a handsome coffee table. 

Vintage Cabinet | Bathroom Vanity

Make a statement by turning an antique cabinet into a bathroom vanity. Insert a sink into the top and hide the plumbing in the cabinet itself. Never worry that someone else will have the same bathroom!

Library Card Catalog | Planter

A vintage card catalog is a source of nostalgia for most people born before 1990. Repurpose this unique piece by lining several drawers with plastic and planting climbing vines or succulents in them. Whimsical and functional.

Old Table or Desk | Unique Kitchen Island

Use that antique desk or table as a beautiful kitchen island. This is perfect if you want something unexpected, or if you’re renting and can’t install a permanent island.

Door | Headboard

Have you ever seen antique doors ornately carved and wondered what you could do with them? 2 doors side by side make for a dramatic headboard.

Creative Thinking

Now that you have a little bit of inspiration, what will you do? A bit of creative thinking can go a long when it comes to repurposing vintage furniture. If you don’t have the time or expertise to makeover an antique, browse Reclaimed Leather’s collection of lightly refurbished antiques to find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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