It’s never too early to appreciate good design, so take advantage of this phase in your child’s life when you still get to call the shots and create a functional, beautiful nursery you can both enjoy. Pair new items, like a crib and changing table with older statement pieces, like bold leather armchairs or a small Chesterfield loveseat. A nursery is your chance to think like a kid, but design with your grown-up tastes in mind. Think your child's nursery has to stick with pastels in pink and blue? Think again. Modern nurseries can be just as stylish as any other room in your home. Click To Tweet

A Modern, Stunning Nursery

With all the options available, a baby’s nursery no longer has to be a traditional, pastel-colored bore. If you love modern design, here are some baby nursery ideas that are cute enough for baby, but with elements that mom and dad with love:

Vintage Seating Area

In years past, beautiful seating was reserved for other “grown-up” rooms in the house. However, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your child’s nursery, so seating is crucial. While you may not have enough room for a large sofa, a small settee or loveseat is both elegant and functional in baby’s room.

Dark Walls

When you think of a nursery you think of traditional colors, like pink or baby blue. However, that color scheme is a bit worn out. Try pairing moss green with a very light gray, or deep navy blue with a soft pink trim for a soothing, modern nursery.

Rotary Phones

Add a bit of whimsy and charm with a wall of old rotary phones. Not only is it fun and unexpected, but as your child gets older, provides imagination and entertainment.

Pro Tip: Embrace the unexpected in your child’s nursery. Choose unique antiques paired with modern elements for a memorable space.

Unique Mobile

A mobile is a staple in most nurseries, but if the typical Winnie The Pooh theme isn’t your style, opt for something completely unique. Paper butterflies, origami cranes, or knitted planets are just a few offerings you can find online.

Mixed Rugs

If you have wood floors or basic beige carpet, you can add visual interest and comfort by layering several rugs. Choose a large one as your foundation, then 1 or 2 oriental rugs to section off the room, with one in the seating area and another in front of the crib.

Accents for Baby

Even with a modern design, nursery accents are truly where you can add the childish whimsy. This provides a foundation that your little one can grow into, rather than simply designing a room for a baby that will soon be a toddler.

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