Buying a brand new home can be both exciting and rewarding, but once move-in day comes, you may look around and wonder what to do with it.  How do you make the space your own? A huge advantage of homeownership is your ability to customize and personalize it to suit your tastes and lifestyle. It can be challenging to design a brand new home with old world character, but the right changes can transform your space in no time! Click To Tweet

The Cookie Cutter

In the past, houses were made quite differently than they are now. Because of the time and care each construction required, it was important for builders to include unique features to give the house its own personality. Newer homes often lack these characteristics because they’re built much faster and often from the same plans. Known as “cookie cutter homes” it can be difficult to set yours apart from the rest. Here are some proven ways to turn a new house into a unique, beautiful home.

1) Replace Light Fixtures

Your new home’s light fixtures are probably not much to look at. Swap the boring globe fixtures with antique chandeliers, mid-century hanging lights or that beautiful fixture you snagged at the flea market last year.  

2) Paint

Color can work miracles in a drab beige home. Painting your home with the colors that you love is one of the most cost-effective ways to create a personalized living space. Interior color choices can have a massive impact on your mood, and can dramatically change the look and feel of a room.

3) Add Texture

Add dimension and texture to your new home with beautiful curtains, dramatic drapes, lush rugs and unique wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to use a variety of different textures for a more eclectic aesthetic.

4) Mix New & Old

When you’re furnishing a brand new home, incorporate plenty of antiques, vintage furniture and old world charm to help make the space feel less cold. A plain home office can be reimagined with dramatic curtains, a one of a kind Chesterfield sofa, hand-knotted rugs and a large, masculine desk in dark wood tones.

5) Ceiling Details

Consider adding character to your interior by starting at the top. The ceiling, that is! Consider adding tin tiles, ceiling medallions or beadboard to create architectural interest to your home, with minimal effort. Attaching these elements usually requires nothing more than finishing nails, glue, and caulk.

Add Character to a New Home

When you move into a new house, it’s normal to want to put your personal stamp on the space. After all, unless you helped build your dream home, it’s likely that the finishes, fixtures and paint colors were chosen by the builder. Adding character is simply the process of fitting your home with the colors, elements, and styles that make you happy.

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