Moving into a new home is exciting and a great opportunity to get creative with furnishing and decor. Seeing all the empty spaces and potential might get a little overwhelming. Here are some tips to remember when furnishing a new home in the best and most organized way. Click To Tweet

Prioritize Your Furnishings

When you first move into your new space, it can help to have a list of priorities for furnishing and decorating. The items below can help you get started:

  1. Begin With The Bedrooms
  2. Mix Styles Tastefully
  3. Be Picky
  4. Let There Be Light!
  5. Less is More

1) Begin With The Bedrooms

These are where people spend the most time, so they should be closer to the top of your priority list. If you have a guest room, having a bed or mattress for that room should be especially important. Decide on a general color palette that will be pleasing to your eye and work your decor around that theme.

Pro Tip: When furnishing a new home, start with the bedrooms because you’ll feel better coming home to a new room that’s completed and comfortable.

2) Mix Styles Tastefully

Don’t buy all new furniture. Mix new and antique or reclaimed furniture for an eclectic home design. Trends and styles will change but there are also some

3) Be Picky

Don’t settle. You want items you’ll love and treasure for many years. You will be the one looking at your furniture and accents the most, so don’t be afraid to be selective with your decisions. If you like antique furniture, It’s ok to take your time searching for items you’re really proud of having in your home.

4) Let There Be Light

Lighting is so important for mood and ambiance in a home. Natural light can be especially effective in brightening one’s mood, so light colored curtains could be a great option for windows.

5) Less is More

Over-decorating tends to make homes look cluttered and can create a claustrophobic feeling for some. You’ll no doubt be excited about furnishing your new space, so just keep in mind that a minimalistic look can be very flattering as well.  

Enjoy Furnishing Your New Space

Any new home has the potential for personalization, and it can be a fun and exciting experience making it your own. Take the time to enjoy making your decisions and selections! You will live with them for a while, so no need to feel rushed.

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