It’s no surprise that so many young people are loving vintage art considering the unique vibe that it gives any room. Retro wall art is in and mass produced, cheap wall art is out, and for good reason. Vintage artwork adds an original flair to any room. Here are 5 reasons why more and more people are choosing retro art as an addition to their interior decor. Click To Tweet

Why Do People Love Vintage Art?

Social media allows us to have access to the latest trends instantaneously. That is why hundreds of thousands of people will style their homes with the same trending decor. Many art suppliers have recognized this by creating millions of copies of the same wall art that appeals to the masses. However, there is a growing number of people who are going against the status quo by opting for thoughtful and sustainable purchases. This growing group of primarily young people is loving retro home decor and art for these five reasons:

  1. Eco-Friendly
  2. One of a Kind
  3. Support Local Businesses
  4. Display Your Personality
  5. Retro & Modern Combined

1) Eco-Friendly

The demand for sustainable choices is driving millions of Americans’ dollars. Millennial consumers are proving to drive the sustainable market. Since climate change is a troubling concern for many young adults; they feel like it’s their responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions by making thoughtful purchasing decisions. Conscious consumers opt for antiques or anything vintage or retro when possible. People are realizing that it’s always better to buy something that’s already in existence than pay for the production of something brand new.

2) One of a Kind

Since older art has hung on many walls and traveled through the decades, the chances of someone else having the same art painting as you are quite low. It’s no surprise that original vintage artwork is adorning the walls of eclectic homes nationwide.

3) Support Local Businesses

Anytime you shop for antiques or vintage pieces, you’re supporting local businesses which are in-turn supporting your local economy. When you buy something from a large corporation, your purchase doesn’t directly positively impact a family. However, when shopping at local businesses, your purchases will be truly valued.

4) Display Your Personality

Are you looking for ways to incorporate who you are into your interior decor? Vintage artwork gives you a chance to display your individualistic personality on your living room walls. Your guests will be able to see your character through your unique pieces every time they visit.  

5) Retro & Modern Combo

One of the newest trends is to combine antiques with modern pieces. Many people worry that this integration will clash, but that’s not the case when it’s done carefully. The retro/modern combination creates an interesting contrast while accentuating living spaces.

Pro Tip: If you prefer modern home decor, you can add some quirky character by displaying vintage art and collectibles to accompany your contemporary design.

Highlight Your Style

Vintage artwork is cherished by a variety of people for many reasons. Shopping for vintage pieces is a wonderful way to support the environment and your local economy while showcasing your personal style.

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