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We spend most of our time procuring and lightly restoring the perfect décor and furniture for our clients and storefront. As a result, we don’t always have the opportunity to converse with all of you! Our blog and social media will provide that extra level of engagement!

1) Helpful information.

Whether you want to learn more about our inventory, or need tips on how to care for your leather furniture, we’ve got you covered! We strive to provide you with information that’s useful to you about Reclaimed Leather. These posts will give you helpful information and tips to help you choose the best chair, rug, lamp or piece of art for your home.

2) Industry updates

Every once in awhile there may be changes or updates specific to the antique or import industry that you may want to know about. These articles will be designed to give you a breakdown of what’s happening and what it means for you.

3) Company news

Sometimes we may have company changes, improvements, or developments that you need to know about. These blog posts are intended to make you aware of our growth and progress and how it will benefit you. They’re also intended to give you an inside look at our company values and culture.

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