Once you’ve found the perfect vintage art print, the next step is to include it in your interior design. It’s essential to make sure that your art doesn’t clash with the rest of your home’s decor. It can be tricky to decorate a home with unique, wall art. Are you looking for the best design scheme to incorporate your favorite vintage painting? Here are 3 tips to make that process easier! Click To Tweet

How Can You Integrate Vintage Artwork Into Your Interior Design?

If you love antiques and vintage art, it is possible to have too many older pieces that will make your interior design feel out-dated. It’s important to incorporate the new with the old. Here are 3 tips to help you include vintage artwork in your interior design:

  1. Multiple Eras
  2. Mix the New & the Old
  3. Statement Pieces

1) Multiple Eras

You don’t have to stick with one era when decorating your home. Consider selecting pieces from multiple eras. The combination can create contrast and interest throughout your home. For instance, you can hang vintage art paintings above a modern, thin-legged dining table.

2) Mix the New & the Old

The minimalist style has been dominating interior design for a while now. You can definitely keep a home feeling simple, and minimalistic while incorporating vintage art. If your living room has a modern couch, add subtle antiques and vintage artwork throughout to create a timeless vibe.

3) Statement Pieces

Many antique paintings have beautiful golds either on the frame or within the painting. Bring out the gold by adding gold statement pieces in your design. Imagine a golden framed 18th-century painting on the wall with a gold chandelier or a bronze-toned table lamp.  Statement pieces can help draw the eye to the vintage wall art.

Pro Tip: Cool paint colors on your walls can make copper tones in your vintage art pop.

There Are No Rules

Don’t limit yourself to any design boundaries. If you dream it, then design it. There are no rules when it comes to incorporating vintage artwork into your home.

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