Have you ever fallen in love with an antique piece but passed because your home decor is more modern? You may think that modern and vintage designs would clash. Quite the contrary, antique furniture can really accentuate your living spaces. Explore these tasteful ways to show off antiques in a modern home. Click To Tweet

Antique Living Room Furniture in Modern Home

Antique furniture can certainly compliment a clean, modern home. This combination is the perfect way to incorporate your own personal touch into your living spaces.

Mix New & Old

Merging a leather Chesterfield sofa with a modern, splayed leg coffee table is a wonderful way to give your home an eclectic flare. Carry the look into your home-office with an antique wooden desk complimented by a low back, modern drafting chair.

Ornate Furniture? Keep Patterns Simple

In order to optimize your living space, ornate furniture should be accompanied with simple design elements. You can make the antique furniture the focal point with minimalistic decor.

Pro Tip: Expand your living space by adding simple designs with complexly patterned furniture. 

Arrange Favorite Oddments Together

Small, antique collectibles can compliment succulents on modern shelves exquisitely. This multifarious combination will make your home feel contemporary- like it belongs in 2019.

Show Off Cherished Collectibles

Cherished china and family heirlooms can be quite ostentatious when displayed on vintage consoles in modern homes. This creative integration will show off your admired treasures.

Don’t be Afraid to be Bold

Antique furniture can be displayed boldly in modern homes for a visual appeal.  Feel confident in your decor when you blend the past with the present.

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