2018 was an interesting year for design trends. The design schemes ranged from cool colors and rose gold accessories to geometric tiles and mod wallpaper. 2019 is a new year, which means new design trends are on the horizon.

Your Interior Design Goals

Make it one of your goals to have an interior home design with 2019 aesthetics. Expect to see modern styles accentuated with vintage, timeless pieces. The color schemes have switched and we’re straying from rose gold this new year.

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Eco Emphasis

While the green movement has been happening for a few years now, it’s going to be even more prominent in home design trends for 2019. Expect natural elements such as stone, wood, granite, and copper incorporated into furnishings. This can give your home an organic feel while imitating nature.

Bold Colors

In the past, cool and dull colors were seen on furniture and accessories. Many people preferred muted colors for a minimalistic look. 2019 is the time for an influx of rich color sofas and decor. Keep your eyes peeled for millennial pinks and dramatic reds accompanied with bold yellows and greens

Brassy Elements

Rose gold dominated 2018 designs. We’re straying from rose gold this year and replacing with high-quality brassy accents. Copper accessories will continue to add to the earthy design scheme of your home.  

Vintage Accents

Vintage design accessories are dominating the marketplace. 2019 is the year for supporting small businesses while reducing your carbon footprint. Shopping local and vintage will give your home its own individual, mid-century modern flair.

Pro Tip: In 2019, consider adding vintage accents into your modern interior design to support small businesses, and help preserve the environment.

2019 Home Design Trends

This year is the time to be bold and incorporate your own personal style throughout your home. Don’t be afraid to add rich colors and earthy elements for striking home design.

What are your favorite 2019 design trends? Join the conversation and let’s explore more trends.