Did you just move into a new home or apartment with a lot of beloved antiques? While it can be a challenge to furnish a modern space with a mixture of antique and contemporary furniture, it can be done. Striking a good balance between old and new is the key to pairing antiques with modern design. Click To Tweet

How to Integrate Antiques Into Modern Design

Mixing antique and modern decor might initially seem like a doomed undertaking. But once you start thinking through ideas, you’ll realize that with the right balance it’s absolutely possible to include both eras in your home. Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1) Surprise Pairings

A traditional desk or table paired with a modern desk chair makes for a surprising and balanced combination.

2) Give it a New Use

An antique dresser or armoire doesn’t have to go in the bedroom. Use these pieces in the living room for storage, or as a charming home bar.

3) Focus on The Floor

A hand-knotted oriental rug adds texture and richness, even when surrounded by spare, modern pieces of furniture.

4) Make a Statement

Use a large, bold piece of a furniture as your focal point and keep the rest of the room simple. For example, a Chesterfield sofa across from 2 simple mid-century armchairs makes a big statement.

5) Add Light

Chandeliers were a sign of wealth in centuries past. Pay homage to these bygone eras by incorporating an antique chandelier into your modern kitchen for an elegant pop.

An Eclectic Home

The most comfortable and beautiful spaces mix many different styles, but in a way that makes sense to your eye. It shouldn’t leave you questioning why or how something ended up in the room. The successful marriage of antique and modern elements will result in an eclectic home that reflects your unique personality and style.

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