Walking into Reclaimed Leather in Old Town Spring, you’re struck by the beautiful artwork and hand-knotted rugs, stunning vintage accessories and gorgeous Chesterfield sofas and chairs. Each piece has a unique history, with some dating back to the 19th Century. Everything at Reclaimed Leather has a story, including the store itself! Click To Tweet

Meet The Founder

Derrick Spain opened Reclaimed Leather with more than 25 years of experience purveying and lightly restoring vintage furniture and décor. What began as a childhood hobby bloomed into a passion that he’s followed and refined.

One Man’s Trash

Derrick’s love affair with antiques, vintage décor and furniture began as a childhood hobby. At 13 he got a job cutting grass for a neighboring office complex at a rate of $30/month.  Soon after he started, he discovered that people often dumped old furniture and trash in and around the dumpster behind the building. His curiosity piqued, he began collecting some of the items he found, storing them in his family’s garage. After a few weeks, he held a garage sale and made more than $300! Although his father hadn’t been exactly thrilled by all the “junk” his son had been accruing, seeing its value convinced him to let Derrick continue his profitable hobby.

Spending Rent Money

As Derrick got older he got engaged and pursued a career in architecture and then mechanical design. One day on a whim, he went to an auction. By the end of the day, he had spent all of his rent money of a variety of antiques and treasures. Feeling awful, he confided in his fiance what he had done and wondered out loud how they would possibly be able to pay rent now that he had spent it. As a possible solution, she mentioned a new website called eBay. They posted the items and waited with baited breath. It all sold for more than 3 times what he paid for it! Rent was paid and an idea was born.

An Education

As a hobby when he wasn’t working, Derrick rented a booth at an Antique Mall and began buying antiques for resale. Most of his purchases had no problem selling, but occasionally he made mistakes, buying items that didn’t sell or paying too much for them. As he put it, “I’ve come to realize that we all pay to go to school one way or another.” He learned from his mistakes, refining his process over the next 25 years.


When Derrick found himself at a crossroads in his career, he decided to pursue his passion for antiques, putting more and more into his business. He visited auctions on the weekends to find out what people were looking for and to continue to learn about rare antiques. When he noticed that a chief complaint with antique Chesterfields was the fact that they were very low to the ground, he added 4-inch legs. With a little imagination and ingenuity, he eliminated the problem. He lightly refurbished each piece and soon the Chesterfields became his most popular items! He loves the history behind every piece of furniture and antique accessory, and he brings that enthusiasm and expertise to his clients.

Bringing His Passion to You

When you purchase an item from Reclaimed Leather, you’re purchasing a part of history. A luxurious Chesterfield sofa once sat in a distinguished study in an estate in the UK. Bronze candlesticks once adorned the dining table of a noble family in Europe more than 100 years ago. Each item carries a unique story and a beauty that can’t be replicated. 

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