Cigar rooms are great because they give you a specific area to smoke cigars without bothering anyone else. Most indoor areas are smoke-free nowadays, but with an exhaust fan and ventilation system, your cigar room doesn’t have to be. Do you have a dedicated space that you want to transform into a cigar room? Or maybe you already have a cigar room, but it’s not decorated how you’d like. 

How to Make Your Cigar Room Feel Elegant & Classy

When you think of a cigar room, you probably envision English leather sofas and lavish decor accompanied by well-dressed gentleman (and ladies). Without the proper furniture and decor, your cigar room can just be a smoked out man cave. If elegance is what you’re after, then these design tips are meant for you. Whether you’re building a cigar lounge from scratch or improving the one you already have, here are five essentials for a classy cigar space. Click To Tweet

  1. Chesterfield Sofas
  2. Classic French Paintings
  3. Vintage Books
  4. English Smokers Box
  5. Antique French Mirror

1) Chesterfield Sofas

First and foremost, you have to select your furniture. The tufted English leather and timeless charm is what draws many people to Chesterfield sofas. Depending on your interior design scheme, you can select an oxblood-colored sofa or a tobacco brown to match the cigar room vibe. If you like bright colors, go bold with a green or blue chesterfield.

2) Classic French Paintings

French paintings will incorporate the vintage charm that you’d envision in a sophisticated cigar lounge. Just imagine a century old, classic oil painting in a gold frame hanging above your humidor. All eyes will turn to the unique painting when they step foot in your cigar room.

3) Vintage Books

Another way to add some class to your cigar room is to use vintage books as decor. Old books can be used as table pieces, or stacked on bookshelves. You can get creative and add antique oddities besides and on top of your vintage book collection.

4) English Smokers Box

A must-have for your cigar room is a vintage English smokers box and humidor. These little treasures offer an alternative to cigars for special occasions. With a vintage smokers box, you’ll have a place to store fresh tobacco and a tobacco pipe.

Pro Tip: Consider investing in an English smokers box & humidor for your cigar room, because some guests may prefer this method compared to a traditional cigar.

5) Antique French Mirror

The last necessity you need in your cigar room is an antique french mirror. The gold frame will be the center of attention while the reflective glass will make your room appear larger. This will create the sophistication you desire.

Your Classy Cigar Room

Make your cigar room a staple in your home. From vintage decor to refinished English leather sofas, the sophistication and class will be obvious whenever you have guests.

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