Almost nothing says luxury quite like an elegant wine cellar or tasting room. You instantly feel transported to a more refined, glamorous time. Whether you’d like to add this one of a kind feature to your home, and want to set your restaurant or cafe apart from the competition, a tasting room is an ultimate statement. What’s the biggest trend in homes and restaurants this year? Wine tasting rooms! Find out how to create your own. Click To Tweet

Creating a Wine Tasting Room

Whether it’s a traditional Italian-themed wine cellar or a modern take on the classic, your tasting room should reflect the rest of your home or restaurant. It doesn’t need to be over the top, but it needs to have a clear concept and memorable furnishings. 

Select a Concept

Your concept is the creative theme that tells an emotional story about the space. This should connect the food and beverages, history, style and fashion, culture and environment. For example, if you’re in a stucco home in Southern California, you could play on that to create a beautiful Tuscan tasting room concept with warm, rich colors, lavender plants, and wine barrel tables. In a home in Texas, you could opt for a rustic, Western concept instead.

Pick Unique Furniture

Furnishings and decor are crucial to the look and feel of your tasting room. Consider mixing old and new, for a modern take on traditional. If heavy drapes, dark colors and heavy furniture isn’t your thing, opt for newer, more modern decor with unexpected pieces, like a gorgeous Chesterfield sofa or oversized antique mirror.  

Pro Tip: Your wine tasting room doesn’t need to be over the top, but the theme and furniture should be memorable and cohesive.

Plan a Tasting 

This is the fun part!  Wine tastings with a common theme are more educational and entertaining than haphazard drinking (some would argue). Creating a theme will help you plan and buy, smarter. Here are a couple of classic themes to help inspire your shopping list:

A single wine from different regions ( Malbec from America vs France)
A blind comparison of cheap vs. expensive wines
A single wine from the same region by different makers
A single wine from different vintages

Set The Stage

For a wine tasting room, the goal is to set the stage for the experience that will follow. The best-designed rooms express your spirit, engage the senses and stir your visitor’s imagination.

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